Welcome to Coroncoro Soccer Club, we are a dedicated group of individuals with world-class experience and knowledge, looking to bring positive and healthy habits to the children and families of our community through soccer. We are firm believers that children learn best by having fun, and that is why we invest all of our time and hard work, into developing activities that will not only keep children happy but will help them acquire all the skills needed to foster positive and healthy development. We are passionate about what we do and we are confident that we can bring the best quality of soccer training for the children of our community. Join us and be a part of the massive soccer movement that is taking over the United States.



A National Association member of the U.S. Soccer Federation, US Club Soccer is an organization committed to the development and support of soccer clubs in the United States. Among US Club Soccer’s guiding principles:

• Clubs are the vehicle through which players are developed, and US Club Soccer should help facilitate club development throughout the country.

• Clubs and their leadership should be the primary decision-makers in the structure and organization of soccer.

• US Club Soccer should provide leadership and a vehicle for clubs and technical leaders to work together to elevate the game and player development environment.

A nine-member Board of Directors, all of whom must be experienced coaches with national licensing in member soccer clubs, make policy decisions for the organization.

Through US Club Soccer, all of a club’s programs – rec, youth competitive and adult – are able to be united under one organizational umbrella, creating a “members for life” culture within each club. US Club Soccer’s programming has all been developed with strong input from clubs around the country and with a minimum of rules and restrictions to allow efficient and innovative operations. An overview of some of these programs follows.

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