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Luis Carlos Perea former central defender of the Colombian National Soccer Team, participated in 2 World Cups and 4 Copa America. He was born in a small Colombian town, with few resources and where at age 7 with his characteristic joy as a child, began to play the sport that he loved and gave shape to his life. When retirement came 18 years ago, he migrated to South Florida, where with his experience, brought the concept of putting a soccer academy in the area of Kendall. His early years were tough, as he had to deal with situations such as language barriers, lack of training camps, and the lack of interest and support from the community. All the experiences he gathered during the time working with children and adolescents allowed him to analyze in detail that it was necessary and crucial to create a non-profit organization to obtain economic contributions and be able to provide low income families with assistance so that their children could participate in different sports programs. He firmly believes that the recreation and use of sport activities are the best tools to train children and young adults with a clear state of mind, that is pollution and vice free.



Mission: To help the development of the children and youth of our community with a scale of values that helps them grow with a spirit of coexistence, teamwork, and self confidence in making decisions; in the same way, to rid them of attachments that lead them to selfishness.

Vision: By 2020, to have a group of young people not only participating in soccer programs of different universities and colleges, but young people with values useful for society, with character of responsibility, a sense of belonging to the Club and its values and free of bad habits.


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This program is designed for children between the ages of 3 and 10. Any child will be able to take part in this program regardless of their level of play or skills, as our aim is to begin to familiarize them with the basic moves and techniques of the sport; The program will consist of 60 children and will be held twice a week.




This program will be offered to children and adolescents who are elementary and middle school aged, whose parents are unable to provide them with extracurricular activities. Our goal is to take away these parents’ worry of not knowing what their children do after school,  and we believe that they would be much more at ease knowing that their children are involved in a sport (soccer) with guidance from experts in the subject. This program will be held Monday through Friday from 4:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. and will have a total of 100 children.




The idea behind our free soccer clinics, is to integrate and bring together, not only the youth population of our community, but their families as well. We believe  that the clinics  will be the perfect setting for the entire family to be involved in the sports development of children. Our goal is that during this program, children who have never had contact with soccer will get a closer look and familiarize themselves with the sport; This program will be held every two months, on the weekends. Total of 200 children.



The idea behind CSC tournaments is for children to experience the beautiful feeling of competition and begin to put into practice everything they learn in the training sessions that they participate in during the week; at the same time, we hope to integrate all the families of our community around a league that will take place every Saturday for a period of 10 weeks, and promote a healthy and active weekend activity.