The essential elements of grassroots football are relationships, team spirit and fun. The concept of learning through play while being guided by a coach-educator is a specific approach designed to reach out to the young and create a process to connect to the future. The coach-educator must be dynamic, uncomplicated, passionate and motivational and must always respect the children’s physical, physiological and psychological characteristics.


Football can be played by everyone regardless of age, gender, religion, ethics or social background and level of fitness.


FIFA's Grassroots Program brings football to children aged six to 12 all over the world.


Fair play, team spirit and camaraderie are just a few of the many values advocated by football.


Having fun is the most important thing in football. Coaches teach the game, not victory at all costs.


Grassroots football must be simple, exciting and rewarding for children.


Winning is not fun if achieved unfairly. Playing fair makes others respect you. Cheating only brings shame.

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"Grassroots football is football for everyone, by everyone, everywhere."


Winning is the goal of any game-never play to lose. But if you lose, do so fairly and you will win respect. Congratulate the winners and try to win next time.


Sport needs rules in order to be played fairly. The rules of football are simple and easy to learn. They make football fun to play and watch.


Everyone has the same rights. Opponents, team-mates, referees and spectators must be respected. Fair play is about respect. Respect is part of football.


Football is the world's greatest game. Help keep it that way. Talk about the positive and encourage others to do the same. Be a role model for the game.


Football is great because fair play is respected. When someone is exceptionally fair in football, they deserve recognition. Help promote football's image by recognizing good deeds.


Football is sometimes exposed to negative outside influences. Do not be tempted by drugs, racism, violence, gambling or other dangers. Football is sport and sport is peace.


Make sure everyone in football is playing fair. Do not let them be tempted by drugs, racism, violence, gambling or other dangers.


Say "no" to cheaters and report them. It is better to have cheaters removed before they can damage the game. Actively protect the beautiful game of football.


Football's popularity can help make the world a better place. Use the power of football to promote peace and equality. Make the world better through football.