Luis Carlos
"Coroncoro" Perea

Luis Carlos Perea, better known as 'El Coroncoro' is a former central defender of the Colombian national team who starred in the golden age of Colombian soccer along with a team of legendary players such as Pibe Valderrama and Fredy Rincon. He played in two world cups (Italy 1990 and USA 1994). He has played 4 times in the Copa America and won Copa Libertadores in 1989 with his team Atletico Nacional. Luis Carlos had a successful career spanning over 15 years, playing for 5 different clubs, contributing strength, dedication and leadership to each. He has a legacy as being one of Colombia's most remembered and respected central defenders and now dedicates his life to giving back to the sport that he loves and gave him so much. Luis Carlos seeks to use his expertise both inside and out of the pitch to foster the interaction between the coach and player during practice and game, as this is fundamental to the coaching process.

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